Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

When I attended Izzy's Wee School orientation in August, her teacher asked if anyone would like to volunteer to be the "room mother."  If you don't think my hand was the first to fly up, you don't know me as well as I thought you did.  I love me some crafts and party planning. 

My first official room mother duty was planning their fall party.  I was asked to bring a craft/s, a party favor for each child, and dessert.  I was all over this. 

The party favors:

Our first craft was making this jack-o'-lantern plate. I bought a few sheets of peel and stick black foam from Michael's and cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth shapes.  I gave each child an orange plate (thank you, Tarjay), and they placed on the shapes to make their jack-o'-lanterns.  (Thanks for the idea, Nanna.)

Can you just feel her excitement?

Next up was making a necklace.  I found some little foam pumpkin shapes for a few bucks at Michael's, so I punched a hole in them, threw them in a bowl with some Cherrios and ribbon, and they went to town. 
Meme and Izzy making a necklace

snacking on her necklace

just one more bite

here's the final product, minus a few cherrios
For dessert, mom bought the kids mini cupcakes.  We aren't allowed to bring homemade treats, which is probably a good thing, because I probably would have attempted some pumpkin sugar cookies and destroyed my kitchen in the process.
 I didn't get a good picture of the cupcake because my child one-bit hers.
And immediately after, she yelled, "I don't like it!" You sure about that, girlfriend?

"I want another one!"  Yeah, that's what I thought.
 I added her new crafts to her art display when we got home. 

Last night, we dressed up Izzy in the sweetest little witch costume you ever did see, took a few pics, and headed to Meme and Papa's house for trick-or-treating. 

I think she could get used to this.

So big!

lovin' on her papa

The fam

It wouldn't be a holiday if they didn't get spoiled rotten.  Meme got them toys that matched their outfits: Power Ranger and Barbie dressed as a witch.  Cute stuff.  Weird pose there, Izzybelle.

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  1. Okay. First off, precious. Secondly, if we don't get our two girls together to teach the world a few things soon, I don't know what I'll do. They are just alike! Hilarious. That one-bite cupcake thing is just like my Cailyn--and the "I not wike it." Love.