Monday, March 3, 2014

Groundhog Day

I have a confession.  I have been feeling a little sorry for myself lately.  Throwing myself a bit of a pity party if you will.  Being a mom is no joke, and there are no breaks.  Obviously.  I sometimes crave the adult interaction I used to have in the working world.  Even though as a teacher, my days were mainly spent with moody 12-year-olds, they still included several adult conversations.  There are times when I miss having a role other than mommy.  There, I said it.  Please hear me.  I LOVE my kids, and I love being with them.  And I am SO grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with them.  But I am human, and it is so easy to fall into these "groundhog day" slumps where every day feels the same.  I know myself though.  If I were doing anything else other than this, I would want this back in a heartbeat.  So basically, I want what I don't even want.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Anyway...I saw this article on Facebook the other day, and it was a great reminder that this is the best and most important job I'll ever have, and I don't get a do-over with these sweet babies of mine.  They are literally growing before my eyes, and if I blink, I'm going to miss it.  And then this happened this morning.

And then my heart melted.  Any other mamas suffering from "groundhog day?"  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Click here to read the article I referenced.


  1. I have always worked part-time with J. I feel kind of like I get the best of both worlds, but I will tell you there are days I wish I could just be a stay-at-home mom all the time. I know it has its ups and downs, but you are so right- being a mom is the most important job in the world. Are you apart of a MOPS group? I have heard those are really great!!!

    1. I'm not. I think I've looked them up and didn't find one around us. We try to meet friends for play dates pretty often. I think part of the slump is this crazy weather. That mixed with Harper being a typical 2-year-old and running from me everywhere we go limits our options. We are all ready for spring around here! And you are right, everything has it's ups and downs, but being a stay at home mom is pretty great, I have to admit.