Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm linking up with Andrea again this morning.  This isn't necessarily a list of favorites as much as it a bunch of randomness, but just go with it.


ONE.  Both of my babies started school this week, and they are loving it.  Read about their first days here and here.

TWO.  I will admit that I'm kind of loving this two-kids-in-school thing, too.  Harper only goes two days a week, so I get a total of 8 hours to myself, but it has been so nice.  On Tuesday, after I went to the gym, I stopped by Loft.  Alone.  I even tried on clothes.  It was heaven.  At the register, the lady in front of me apologized for taking so long.  Are you kidding?  No children were pulling at my clothes, screaming my name, handling every piece of jewelry in the store, or demanding fruit snacks.  I could have happily stood in line all day.  It's like a whole new world out there.

THREE.  As another result of school being back in session and getting back into our routines, I've gotten back into the groove of things at the gym.  I've been going sporadically all summer, but it's just so much easier to get there when I'm already leaving the house every morning anyway.  I hope the momentum lasts because I love the way a good workout makes me feel.  

FOUR.  Oh, hey.  Speaking of the opposite of working out and feeling good, I sure did buy my first bag of candy corn and candy pumpkins this week.  Griff is just as weak as I am in the face of candy corn, so he said I shouldn't have bought them.  Hey, if you want someone to blame, then blame Target.  I didn't go looking for candy corn.  The candy corn found me.  They know what they are doing placing those little bags of crack right at the register.  Damn you, Target.

FIVE. Izzy asked me to help her find Harper this afternoon.  Apparently there was a game of hide-and-seek happening.  I obliged, and this is what we found on Izzy's bed.  I'm not sure if it's the hider or the seeker, but someone needs to step up their game.


  1. The girls look so cute in their back to school pics! Yay for Mom time!!

  2. Your girls are precious! I am also loving that both of my girls are in school full-time!!

    1. Thank you, Renae! School is a beautiful thing. :)

  3. You always make me laugh with your posts!!! The candy corn... and the last picture. :)