Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Painted Bookcases

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Can all weekends last 4 days?   Pretty please??  Griff took Friday off, and we packed as much productivity into the weekend as we possibly could.  There was grocery shopping, major house cleaning, a birthday party (for Griff and Izzy), a MOPS meeting (for me and Harper), baking, grilling, hosting friends for dinner, a visit with Meme and Great Auntie, approximately 45 trips to Home Depot, and LOTS of painting.

When we moved into the new house in December, Griff's parents gave us some bookcases that they were no longer using.  We happily accepted them, thinking they would eventually end up in our gameroom.  They have been living in the garage for the past 8 months.

As I mentioned last week, we have been working on our office/study.  It was in serious need of some storage and function.  I would love to have some built-ins made for that room, but we are saving for a bigger project, and those built-ins ain't cheap.  That's when I got the brilliant idea to refinish our gifted = free bookcases and put them to work in the office.

The Before

We did not go the chalk paint route for this project, so there was some sanding and priming involved.  We sanded everything lightly with a pretty fine sandpaper, then used two coats of primer, and three coats of paint.  The bookcases are not solid wood, and they just soak up the paint.  It actually went a lot quicker than I thought, and wasn't as huge of a beat down as expected.  We made a ton of progress, and all that is left is putting two coats of paint on all the shelves.  For the shelves, we did three coats of primer, hoping that we can get by with only two coats of paint since we have more primer than paint left, and nobody wants to make a 46th trip to Home Depot.

We used Sherwin Williams Simple White and SW Urbane Bronze (matched at Home Depot)

I posted this yesterday on Instagram #laborday

We moved the bookcases into the office, and I am just giddy with excitement.  I love how they turned out, and I can totally see the vision coming together.  Mama is doing her happy dance!  

At first, I thought I wanted them pushed together like this.

Then we tried them apart, and it made the room looked so much bigger!  But what to do with that space in the middle?

Ahhh, yes.  Perfection.

I'm so excited to finish the shelves and get them installed.  And just so you know, there is little in life that brings me more joy than styling bookshelves.  So pumped.  I'm a day late at this, but I noticed that Momfessionals link-up yesterday was "What's on your...Project List," so I'm linking up with her today.


  1. I love your bookcases!!! They look so much more expensive now after the paint! I also like the arrangement. Girl, you got style!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Hayley! I love decorating, and it's so fun when an idea actually turns out the way I envisioned it!