Monday, September 22, 2014


Oh, Monday.  You always have something up your sleeve.  I got to the gym this morning, only to realize I had forgotten my gym locker lock, and more importantly, my earbuds.  Ugh.  Gym - earbuds = torture.  But I soldiered on, bored out of my mind.  Got 40 minutes of cardio in, plus some weights.  Not to shabby for an unprepared Monday.  It would have been oh, so easy to turn around and drive home, but I'm really trying to make a point to get a good workout in on Mondays.  I have found it sets the tone for the rest of my week.  I've kind of made a mental goal of getting 4 workouts in per week, plus a walk on Fridays, so checking one off right off the bat really helps.

I went to the grocery store today with a list that would make Martha Stewart proud.  It was organized by categories and everything.  I know, who do I think am I?  Don't be too impressed, though.  I neglected to add spaghetti sauce to my list, so the Crockpot Lasagna that was on the menu for tonight will not be happening.  I'm going to give Turkey Enchiladas a try instead.  It's a new recipe, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is edible.  By the way, I think I've finally figured out the winning combination for grocery shopping with Harper.  For the past two weeks, I've been bringing along the iPad and a plethora of snacks.  That keeps her satisfied for the majority of the trip.  Today, she got out and walked, aka hopped and twirled to the older shoppers' delight, but she was happy to sit back in the cart and play the iPad while I paid.  I know I probably get the side eye from judgy people who disapprove of my "electronic babysitter" and to those people I say, "Kiss it."  Girlfriend is likely going to be a track star, and ain't nobody got time to chase her around the grocery store.

You take away the iPad, and mama will for sure need a cup holder!

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