Thursday, September 11, 2014

Harper Goes to Preschool

Harper started preschool on Tuesday, and she had a great first day!

She never cried when we dropped her off, but she looked so sad as we were leaving.  When we turned to walk out the door, she closed her eyes and put her head in her hands.  Right through the heart, I tell ya.  I didn't see this part, but Griff said he turned back to look, and Harper's teacher walked over to her and tried to tickle her to make her smile, and she pushed her hand away.  Ummm, looks like business as usual...let's run!

She was all smiles when I picked her up.  Her teacher said she had a great day, and that her class was a really fun group.  Harper is at such a curious stage, and she retains new information like a little sponge.  She is learning to spell her name, and now whenever she sees a pen, she'll pick it up and say to me or Griff, "Make an H?"  Oh, sweet girl.  

She will only be going to school two days a week this year, but I think it will be so great for her.  I'm praying this year not only sparks a love of learning, but also helps her navigate the rules of engagement.  To say she has a little sassy streak would be quite an understatement.  This kid is a boss.  I posted a cropped version of the photo below on instagram with the caption, "Lord, please bless this child's teacher with a sense of humor and buckets of patience."  

Seriously, this girl kills me.  Oh, my precious child, how mama loves you!  Get ready world.  She's comin' for ya!

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