Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY Crayon Wreath

My sister is a brand new kindergarten teacher.  In fact, she's barely three weeks in and has already had her first pants-pooper.  I'd say they are breaking her in quite well.  Her new career gave me the perfect reason to try out one of the cute teacher wreaths I've seen so much of on Pinterest.  Here is my take on the DIY crayon wreath.

All the crayons are glued to two embroidery hoops

 I somehow got off on the spacing didn't have enough room to squeeze in another crayon. 
The apple cut-out disguised my little oopsy perfectly. That big glob is paper towel that stuck to the glue. 
Pretend like I cared enough to remove it, k?

Two embroidery hoops (2 diff sizes)
Glue - I used wood glue
Wooden apple (optional) - got it at Hob Lob, and wrote her name with a sharpie
*other cute embellishments are raised stickers, wooden letters, rolled fabric or felt flowers, etc...

It's pretty simple really.  You just situate the hoops how you want them and get to gluing.  It does help to set all of your crayons on the hoops before gluing to make sure they will all fit, and then try to leave them on as you start gluing so you will not have the same spacing problem I had.  When the glue is dry, add your ribbon and embellish as you wish.


  1. I would like to thank you for posting these cute projects. I have not joined the Pinterest ranks (yet) and feel that you are a great buffer for me. Also, you trying these projects out first to let me know what I REALLY need to do, is perfection! I consider you my Pintrest Concierge. :)

  2. Pinterest concierge...that one's going on the resume for sure!

  3. How many boxes of crayons did u use