Monday, October 3, 2011

Playroom Additions

We recently completed two little projects for Izzy's playroom. Both ideas came from Pinterest. I actually don't even remember the last time I had an original idea, but why bother when other people are willing to share?  The best thing about these projects is that they are cheap and easy - my two favorite qualities...ahem, in projects, of course.

The first is this oil drip pan I picked up at Wal-Mart for 10 bucks.  Hubs hung it on the wall, and voila - a magnet board for homegirl.  I need to get her some more magnetic stuff, but this little alphabet set is keeping her occupied for the moment, and she's learning her letters, which is always fun.  Her favorite so far is "double-woo."

She is obsessed with these boots.  Last weekend, she begged to wear them to church.  We were able to get out of the house without them, but as soon as we got home, she sure did ask for them. "My boots! My boots!"
Kickin' it in her boots.

You gotta admit, the boots are pretty darn cute.  Thanks, Aunt Delma!

The second little project is her art display.  The original pin used vinyl lettering that spelled out, "Masterpieces," but I didn't know how well that would stick to the painted siding (keep in mind this used to be our covered porch), and obviously, we didn't have room to spell that out with the wooden letters, so I kept it simple and went with "ART."  I'm kind of in love with it.   

Boards cut to size at Lowes, clips from sis-in-law - think she got them at an office supply store, letters from Hob Lob. 
Her sweet little works of art from home, Wee School, and church.

The artist at work

And, am I crazy, or do Izzy and Shiloh Pitt sort of resemble one another? I think it's the lips. It should come as no surprise that my daughter looks like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's child.  I mean, it's pretty obvious that they are mine and Griff's doppelgangers. Why are you laughing?


  1. Oh come on! We can plainly see that Izzy is prettier than that Pitt girl.

  2. Ha! I'm glad you said it, Nanna, because it may have sounded tacky coming from her own mother.