Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm Back, Baby

Oh, hello there, September.  Looks like June, July, and August just sneaked right past me.  Whoops.  Izzy started back to preschool today, and Harper is sleeping.  Yes, it is just as heavenly as it sounds.  I feel like this is the first chance in months that I've had to actually sit down and write a post.  Sure, there is time in the evenings after the girls go to sleep, but that time is reserved for mindless television.  Duh.  I'm so excited to get back to our scheduled routine.  Without a schedule, I accomplish nothing, as evident by my 3-month blog hiatus.  I'm also excited to have some much-needed one-on-one time with my Harper girl.  She is growing at warp speed, and I want to soak in every second because I know she is going to be driving herself to school before I know it.  Just the thought of that gives me heart palpitations.  I owe you tons of posts that I've been storing in my little pea brain for months, but we'll just take baby steps and start with a few photos of how we spent our summer. 

My Izzy girl loves to laugh

Paw and Harper

Playtime in our jammies - it's what we do best

Swinging with "Bubba"

She's a big girl now. :(

Who needs clothes when you've got princess slippers?

My bathing beauties

Sisters :)

Nanny and the girls

Just hanging out

Double Cuteness

Family shopping trip to Austin and San Marcos.  Those outlet malls didn't stand a chance. 
My girls stayed home with their daddy. 


  1. It appears you and I both decided to make a return! Wanna have a bet to see who can last the longest? (And you have an unfair stay at home mom advantage...be careful about your wager!) :)

  2. Excellent! I wager dinner and drinks. Really, could there be a loser with that deal??