Monday, September 17, 2012

Izzy's Big Girl Room

Izzy has been sleeping in her big girl bed for close to 8 months now.  Shortly after we made plans to adopt a baby, we moved Izzy out of her crib and into a twin bed.  Well, actually, we moved her onto a twin mattress on the floor.  Remember this post?  Honestly, she had only escaped her crib one time, and we probably could have stretched the crib life out a little longer if we wanted to, but we knew we would be getting a new baby at some point soon (we just didn't know how soon!), and we wanted Izzy to be settled in her bed long before the baby arrived.  We knew bringing home a brand new baby would be a big enough change for her to swallow, so we were trying to keep everything else consistent.  
Luckily, my big girl only had to sleep "on the floor" for a couple weeks because hubs and his dad made a beautiful bed for her.  I painted it to match her dresser, and sadly, I didn't do a great job.  There are still a few spots that I need to touch up.  It's one of those things that bugs me every time I see it, but as soon as it's out of sight, it's out of mind.  Maybe one day I will actually get around to fixing it.  Maybe. 
I didn't change much in her room.  We had to move her bookcase around and change the placement of some wall decor, but it's pretty much just the grown up version of her nursery.  It just oozes girlyness, and I love it!  What I don't love is those bed rails.  Bleh.  Wonder how long I need to keep those up.  Anyone? 
Izzy's big girl room.  Bedding from Target - I got it on clearance a long time ago, but I think they still carry it.  Her monogram is embroidered fabric that I put in frames from Michael's.  The quote above the window is from Uppercase Living.
Hubs and Pop-Pop do fine work, I tell ya. 

Her dresser is the Hemnes 8-drawer dresser from Ikea.  We were using it in our guest room before she was born.  It used to be a light brown color, and I painted it before we brought her home.  I used foam rollers to paint, and just used blue painters tape for the stripes.  It was actually a pretty easy project and it the paint has held up really well, no chips. The picture above the dresser is from Hobby Lobby.  The trunk is full of dress-up clothes - a Christmas present from Papa and Meme last year.  My aunt made the quilt on the rocker.  She made the one in Harper's room too.  I just love them.

Maybe one day I'll get brave enough to show you inside the girls' closets. 

After seeing this photo of her bookshelf, I think I need to give this puppy a makeover.  It needs some paint or fabric on the back to jazz it up, don't ya think?
Stole this idea from my friend, Katie.  This Aaron Brother's frame holds all of Izzy's monthly baby pics from her first year.  Harper's already got a frame waiting to be filled in her closet. 

We have had this alarm clock for awhile now.  I can't say that we've had much success with it yet.  I'm not exaggerating when I say Izzy comes to our room at least once a night, every night.  Sometimes 2-3 times.  We've gotten it down to basically walking her back to her room, tucking her in, and going back to sleep, but it still kills a good night's sleep. I'm hoping our little nightly visits from homegirl become less and less frequent. 
Above her bed is this sweet little dress she wore home from the hospital when she was four months old. She was a teeny little baby doll. Shadow box is from Aaron Brothers.

And of course, more bows.

And there ya have it. A sweet little room for a sweet little girl.