Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1: Traditions

Since Izzy is still so young and hasn't quite figured out this whole Christmas thing yet, we don't have a lot of established traditions, but here's a few that we enjoy.

We usually hang up outdoor lights the day after Thanksgiving, but we did it early this year.  It was a nice day out, so Izzy and I played outside and "helped" Daddy with the lights.  She tried her hardest to get on that roof with him, but it just wasn't in the cards for her this year.

No fear = stressed mama

She wasn't too happy about me putting her ladder on the ground

I love the effort - tongue out to the side and everything

Back to the chalk

This year, Izzy and I have done several Christmas crafts together at home.  She seems to enjoy these, so I would love to keep thinking of new ideas, and make this something that she really looks forward to.  I'll show ya some of the crafts in a different post.

We really want Izzy to know the true meaning of Christmas, so we've make it a point to talk about Jesus's birthday with her.  Nanna got her a little advent ornament that says part of the Christmas story when you turn it each day, and we bought her a Little People nativity set this year in hopes that it will be another great learning tool. 

I bought the Elf on the Shelf gift set at Target a few months back, hoping to make him a new tradition this year.  That was a bust.  She wasn't too interested in him or the book, which is weird, because she loves books.  I read it to her anyway, and we tried to get her to name her elf.  Everytime we'd ask what his name was, she'd say, "Change the Bed."  We asked her no less than a dozen times, and she was consistent with her repsonse.  She eventually suggested "Snow White," "Tangled," and "Princess and Frog," but kept going back to "Change the Bed."  I put him in the Christmas tree, and she hasn't noticed him or asked about him since.  We decided that we will just let Change the Bed hang out in the tree this year, and maybe she will be more into him next year.

And we shall call him....Change the Bed

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