Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Thing About Holidays....

...is they make you fat.  Okay, maybe it's not the holidays that make you fat.  Maybe it's these. 
Yes, these used to be full.  No, that lone hershey kiss didn't stand a chance. 
I don't know what the deal is lately.  I've been really good about putting my time in at the gym, but not so good about eating crap all day.  Well, not literally.  Shout out, Happy Gilmore.  "You eat pieces of s**t for breakfast?"  Classic.  Anywho...thank goodness for cardio equipment and group exercise classes.  Otherwise, the ol' wardrobe would be even snugger. 

I've been going to a Zumba class with my friend for a few weeks now, and I keep thinking I'm going to get better, but I'm still awful.  At least I work up a sweat.  That's all that matters, right?  And I just want to say that if you show up to Zumba with the little jingly wrap thing on, you better bring it.  Ya know what I'm sayin?

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Sad but true.

And I have to give my little princess some love.

My two sweets watching Toy Story 3 last night

She came home from Wee School today, and it didn't take her long to spot her surprise.  "I want it!"

Such a big girl! 

Her favorites were Baby Jesus, the kings, and the "lamby"

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