Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3: Affordable Gifts

Okay, I just spent some time on the interwebs for you folks, and I found some great gifts that won't break the bank.  You're welcome.  All of these are $25 or under, so you can afford to get yourself one of everything, too.  No?  Maybe that's why hubs is always rolling his eyes at me...

1.  I am in love with these personalized scarves from Marley Lilly.  They are a steal at $19.99.  (Is it too late to add to my wish list from yesterday???)

2. Etsy is full of affordable and unique jewelry.  I love this necklace, and it's only $22.

3. A pretty vase is always a safe choice.  These mercury glass vases are from West Elm, and range from $12-$39.  So pretty!

4. Aren't these iphone cases adorable?  Container Store - $16.49.

5.  I'm loving these candleholders from Crate and Barrel.  And they're only $2.95-$3.95 each.  Seriously.

You guys know I am addicted to Pinterest, and I love me some DIY projects, so here are some fun ideas if you want to get crafty.  

6. Chalkboard Wine Glasses - This is a great gift idea for the lush in your life. ;-)  Just get some inexpensive wine glasses, dip the base of it in chalkboard paint, throw in a bottle of wine, and bam - you've got yourself a gift.  There are tons of tutorials and variations online.

7. These little gumball "machines" are adorable.  My sister made these a few years back and filled them with peppermints.  Perfect for a teacher's gift!

8. I keep wanting to make some of these initial ornaments, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  Aren't they cute!

9. I think this would be a great gift for the neighbors.  Just find a cute oven mit, and fill it with inexpensive kitchen items (if you really want to keep the cost down, check out Dollar Tree for the kitchen stuff).  As long as the presentation looks cute, you're good to go.

10. I so want this for my house!  It's just nails and string.  This gift is especially good for friends and family in simply-shaped states like Wyoming and Colorado. ;-)

There ya have it.  Christmas on the cheap.  If all else fails, cookies and gift cards are always a hit.  

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  1. I love it all... I will check your lists again close to birthday time! :-)