Friday, December 23, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Day 10: Crafts for Kids

Okay, let's talk crafts.  There are so many cute ideas that I just didn't get to this year.  That's okay though, Izzy and I have several crafty years ahead of us.

Here are some of this year's masterpieces.
Our Pinterest inspired marshmallow snowman

This girl loves crafts that double as snacks

adorable, yes?

Another Pinterest idea - cut strips of paper, have the kids put them in order from longest to shortest, glue them on construction paper to make a tree.  She and her daddy worked on this one together.

All done.  Love that face!
 Warning - these next few pics are from my phone, so they are less than stellar.
Her teacher sent this stocking home so we could decorate it as a family and send it back. 

As you can see from these next pictures, I am a fan of foam shapes and stickers.  
Simple and mess-free = my kind of craft.

Yet another Pinterest find.  I made these cute little ornaments for Izzy's class.  

The goodie bags - a foam ornament craft to make (in the ziploc), the Rudolph ornament, candy cane, crazy straw, and a cookie cutter for playdough.

This is Izzy's present from our sweet friend, Katie (Auntie K).  In this cute little book, the little girls make a birthday cake for Jesus, so the book came with a box full of everything you need to make your own cake.  Such a cute idea!

This is what was inside the box.  Cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, candles, and directions.  Looks like we'll be baking a cake tomorrow.  So fun!

And these precious ideas will just have to wait until next year.  All from Pinterest, of course.

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