Saturday, December 3, 2011

Twin Bed and Other Things

Project Build Izzy a twin bed has officially begun.  Pop-Pop has a saw and more covered garage space to work under in case the weather gets nasty, so Griff headed over to his parents' house this morning to get started. 
This is what the final product will look like...hopefully. ;-)  It will be painted to match her current furniture.

 Izzy and I are still in our pajamas, watching My Little Pony, and playing with the magnet map Nanna gave us.  We definitely got out easy today, but I have a feeling I'll be doing a LOT of painting very soon.  Also on the agenda today: addressing Christmas cards, a little online shopping (I've got my eyes on these), and going to a friend's Christmas cookie decorating party.  Love me some December!

Destroying all mama's hard work.  I have to say I love maps, and I may have sent her to have a "tea party" with her babydolls so I could put it together.  Mother of the year?  I think so.

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