Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Day 9: Polar Express Edition

I'm just about Polar Expressed out, and I just saw the movie for the first time on Sunday.  I picked it up at Target a few weeks ago for $10 thinking it would be fun to watch as a family.  So we started it on Sunday night and finished it on Monday night (we started the movie after dinner and bath time, so Izzy didn't last too long either night).  Our friends invited us to go with them to ride the "North Pole Express" last night.  It's pretty much a knock-off of the Polar Express, but I guess for legal reasons, that can't call it that.  We didn't get on the train until after 8:30, and Izzy usually goes to bed at 8, so that was fun.  She had a blast running around outside, and she was pretty good once we actually got on the train, but it's the sit-around-and-wait-part that she is not so good at.  I could probably use some work in that area, too, if I'm being honest.  Once we were on the train, the conductor came and punched our tickets, Santa came by and gave each kid a bell, and Mrs. Claus walked by to say hello to everyone.  In between all these cute visitors, we were "entertained" by three teenagers.  They sang Christmas carols, danced, and told bad jokes.  Super cheesy, but the kids loved it.

And today, my sister and I took our kids to the Polar Pajama Party at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  They got to drink hot chocolate, watch some science demonstrations, make a bracelet at a little bead station, and then we watched the Polar Express in the Omni theather.  I was a little worried about how Izzy would do during the movie since this was only her second time to see one in a big theater (the first time was a complete bust), and her very first time at the Omni.  But she LOVED it!  She just sat back, with big eyes, shoving popcorn in her mouth, in awe.  She was precious!  And I would like to point out that I am all in for any event that my child can wear pajamas to.  It just makes life easier.

(pardon the crappy iPhone pics)
Lane and Izzy, waiting for the doors to open

My child would NOT look at the camera for a picture.   Little toot.

You sure about this, mom??
I had a great time making memories with my baby girl, but now I am officially in scramble mode to get everything ready for Christmas.  Can't believe it's only 2 days away.  Eek!!

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