Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days of Fall Favorites :: Day 15 Painted Pumpkins

We had ourselves a nice little fall afternoon last Sunday, complete with a trip to purchase some pumpkins and a mum.  Hubs and I each painted a big pumpkin (he made have had a little coaching on the creative side), and Izzy painted a small one.  Harper supervised the operation while inspecting her own baby pumpkin.  Beautiful weather and fun family time.  Doesn't get much better than that, my friends.
Oh, this girl makes my heart so happy.

This careful technique certainly did not last long

She quickly moved on to body painting

See what I'm dealing with?

The finished products.  The polka dot masterpiece belongs to hubs, and the chevron beauty is mine.  That thing was a b to paint, btw.  This little fall scene makes me smile every time I come home. 

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