Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days of Fall Favorites :: Day 31 Happy Halloween

Sorry for picture overload, but my little princess and baby elephant are just too cute.  We had a fun night of trick-or-treating at my mom and dad's house.  Their neighborhood is nuts on Halloween.  They get tons of trick-or-treaters.  I'm talking packed.  It always makes for good people-watching though.  Izzy had a great time, but she was definitely a little cautious.  She steered clear of anything that looked too scary.  Can't say that I blame her.  Harper just chilled in the stroller.  Like her mama, she could sit outside and people watch all day. 
It's worth mentioning that Izzy told me several months ago that she wanted to be a tiger.  So, I had grand plans for themed costumes for the family.  She would be a tiger, Harper would be an elephant, and hubs and I would be zoo keepers.  How cute would that have been??  Well, I found an adorable tiger costume for Izzy, got it home, and she informed me that she did not want to be a tiger.  She wanted to be a princess.  I should have known better.  So, that explains the elephant, which was too adorable to return.  And I gotta say, my princess is pretty darn adorable, too. 

trick-or-treating cousins

Nanny and Paw are pretty smitten with Harper

This picture makes me so happy


  1. your girls were adorable!! I am going to miss your everyday posts!

  2. Thanks, Kyla! Your Little Red Riding hood was pretty sweet, too!

  3. The elephant costume is too cute for words. :)